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frequently asked questions


Why do I need an attorney?

After You are hurt, Your focus needs to be on healing not dealing with the stresses and inconveniences caused by insurance companies.  In fact, insurance companies and their adjusters will slyly exploit these vulnerabilities to try and resolve Your case at a discounted price.

When You hire Adam Anderson Law Firm, we handle the negotiations, and you’re left to simply work towards healing.

Do I have a case?

There are many things to consider in determining whether You have a case.  The law can be very intricate, but Adam Anderson Law Firm can help You navigate these intricacies and determine the answer to this question.  Please give us a call to discuss further.

How much does it cost?

Adam Anderson Law Firm does not take a fee unless we win, and we cover all costs necessary to prosecute Your case.  All You need to worry about is healing.  Please give us a call so that we can discuss the details of Your contingency fee.

How long does it take?

Every case is different.  Some cases resolve in one or two months, others may take over a year.  Adam Anderson Law Firm, however, does not resolve Your case until the wrongdoer accepts responsibility for their actions and You receive full compensation for Your injuries.

What is my case worth?

Your case value is dependent on a variety of factors, including the defendant’s actions, the degree of Your injuries, and available insurance policies.  Please call to discuss the unique facts of Your case.

Do I still have a case if I have been in prior accidents?

Yes. Please give us a call to discuss Your new case.

Can you still help me if I didn't see my case type listed in your practice areas?

Yes.  Please give us a call to discuss the details of Your case.

Don't see Your question?

Please give us a call.

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